The State Library of New South Wales

DH2015 will be launched with a special guest speaker, Rachel Frick (Digital Public Library of America), and a Welcome Reception hosted and sponsored by the State Library of New South Wales in collaboration with the third International Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives, and Museums Summit (LODLAM), with the support of the Australasian Association for Digital Humanities (aaDH).

The State Library of New South Wales is a large reference and research library open to the public. It is the oldest library in Australia. The library is located on the corner of Macquarie Street, Sydney and Shakespeare Place, adjacent to the Domain and the Royal Botanic Gardens. The library is a member of the National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA) consortium.

Special Guest Lecture

Bridges, Transitions and Trust: Lessons for  Networked Communities
Rachel Frick, Digital Public Library of America

When we think of networks, we tend to focus on the network’s hubs and not the spaces in between, those critical transition points connecting network. Many things can be inferred about the nature of a network hub based on the quality and characteristics of its connections.  Connections can be abrupt or seamless, apparent or permeable . From a cultural heritage perspective, and one that advocates open access, the ideal transitions should be is smooth, maximizing information flow between environments, with minimal disruption. When considering information flow across the digital network, there are many parallels with transportation networks and bridges.

Bridges are a great metaphor for how we should approach connections in our digital information systems and the communities that support them. Not only do bridges inspire with their beauty, but when examined closely, its possible to see the incredible number of discrete, individual decisions and points of collaboration needed to create a successful bridge. Bridges are where math, science, and art combine with best practice, clear communication, and dedication. From small spans to the grandest arch, bridges demonstrate how architecture coexists with engineering, how steel and concrete through craftsmanship and construction, combine to create a physical manifestation of form, function, and artistic grace.  Bridge building requires aligning many visions and talents aligned towards one purpose, that of crossing  and connecting, of movement. Reflecting on the lesson of the bridge, is something we should do as we work in earnest to share resources and link our collections, expertise and experiences towards a richer, networked world.

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