Local, National, and International Training

A Mini-conference and Member Meeting
Sponsored by the International Digital Humanities Training Network

9.30am-12.30pm Monday 29 June 2015
EA Building (EA.G.19) Parramatta South Campus
University of Western Sydney



9.30-10.00, Welcome, Opening Presentation

  • Chair: David Wrisley (American U Beirut)
  • “Diversity and Community in DH Training,” Elisabeth Burr (U Leipzig)

10.00-10.50, Short Papers on Innovative DH Pedagogy

  • Chair: Paul Spence (King’s College London)
  • “Demystifying Digital Humanities Curriculum,” Paige Morgan (McMaster U), Sarah Kremen-Hicks (U Washington), and Brian Gutierrez (U Washington)
  • “Toward an Assessment of the Heterogenous Digitally-Inflected Undergraduate English Course,” Najla Jarkas (American U Beirut) and David Wrisley (American U Beirut)
  • “Faculty-Librarian Collaborations in New Media Ecosystems: Implementing an Assessment Rubric for Digital Literacy in the Humanities,” Harriet Green (U Illinois)
  • “Building Bridges to–Where?  The Phenomenology of Undergraduate DH,” Katherine Faull (Bucknell U) and Diane Jakacki (Bucknell U)
  • “Program Structure as Pedagogy: Building a Graduate Digital Humanities Program for the Next 15 Years,” Maureen Engel (U Alberta)

11.00-11.45, Short Presentations Sampling Extant DH Training Institutes and Initiatives

  • Chair: Diane Jakacki (Bucknell U)
  • HILT, Jennifer Guiliano (Indiana U) and Trevor Munoz (U Maryland)
  • DHOxSS, James Cummings (Oxford U)
  • DH@Leipzig, Elisabeth Burr (U Leipzig)
  • DH@Switzerland, Claire Clivaz (U Lausanne)
  • DHi Beirut, David Wrisley (American U Beirut)
  • ILiADS, Janet Simons and Angel Nieves (Hamilton C)
  • NZ Activities + aaDH DHSI, Sydney Shep (U Victoria, Wellington) and James Smithies (U Canterbury)
  • DHSI and the Graduate Certificate in DH, Ray Siemens (U Victoria)

11.45-12.30, Member Meeting: Considering Next Steps for the International Digital Humanities Training Network

  • Facilitator: Diane Jakacki (Bucknell U)
  • Members of our group have suggested that, at this meeting, we might extend further our discussions of previous years, in which we have begun to articulate the sorts of collaboration activities, partnerships, shared services and infrastructures, and beyond that would further support and enhance our training activities.   Points of this discussion, and those prior, will be drawn into an agenda for our 2016 meeting, at DH2016 in Kraków.  Please be in touch with Ray Siemens (siemens@uvic.ca) with agenda items for the 2016 meeting.
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