All proposals should conform to the specified length and other requirements indicated in the call for proposals. Additionally, they should express a clear argument and/or present new information which may be of value to the audience; they should not be simply summaries of events or statements of fact. Papers which only report on the activities of a project, without drawing conclusions or exploring the significance of those activities, will be at a disadvantage in the review process.

It is extremely important to include adequate references, both to establish the field within which your proposal participates, and to substantiate and document any claims you may make. If a proposal makes no use of outside sources, it is possibly too vague to be successful; if it uses outside sources then it is incumbent on the author to reference them.

In-text referencing is included in the word count, but the list of references at the end of the abstract does not count towards the word limit. All listed references should be cited within the text. More information will be provided in the official call for proposals.

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