DH2015’s Unofficial (as in run at your own risk since this is not an official conference event) Fun Run is on the morning of Thursday 2 July and it will take you on a nice run around the ‘Parramatta Park Outer Loop’, which is a 2.9 km circuit in beautiful parkland (see Route 4 marked in blue on map below).

Our DH2015 running leaders Chris Meister and Tomoji Tabata will lead you out for about 45 minutes. Morning temperatures in July are likely to be around 10 degrees Celsius (or 50 degrees Fahrenheit) so please dress for crisp fresh weather.

If you wish to attend, please arrive at 6:15 am as the group will leave at precisely 6:30am and will finish at around 7:15am. This will still allow enough time for runners to catch the Coach transfer from Park Royal Hotel to the University Campus. Please note that the Park Royal Hotel is a 750 metre (or 9 minute) walk from Parramatta Park.

Parramatta Park

6:15 am (foyer, Park Royal Hotel)

6:30 am (departing Park Royal Hotel)

7:15 am

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