The Anthem Press Prize will be awarded to the best poster at DH2015, as judged by the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organisations Awards Committee. The prize of $500 will be announced during the closing ceremony.

Anthem Press is a distinguished independent publishing house with a strong international focus, pioneering a distinctive approach to the publishing of innovative academic research, professional and educational resources, and serious non-fiction in established and emerging fields. Our titles are published simultaneously in print and ebook editions across the humanities and social sciences and are subject to peer review by recognized authorities in the field.

We relish our individuality and the breadth of our interests – being entirely independent, we are free to pursue our ideas and inspirations; we shall continue to build on our reputation for scholarship, innovative publishing and the very highest standards of book production.

Moreover, drawing on our experience and key external partnerships, Anthem can publish more effectively and more nimbly than some of the bigger companies. We set out to publish fast, paying careful attention to what is special about each book, and giving personal attention at all times to our authors and to every aspect of our publications.

Anthem has a strong track record of publishing in association with a wide variety of other organizations, including scholarly international institutes, non-governmental organizations, financial institutions and other publishers around the world.

Headquartered in the UK (London) with sales office in the USA and Australia and an independent subsidiary in India, Anthem Press is an imprint of Wimbledon Publishing Company and has a global profile supported by our team of representatives and agents.


DH2015 Winner

Michael Gregory Falk, ‘Modelling Genre Using Character Networks: the National Tales and Domestic Novels of Maria Edgeworth’

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