About the DHRG @ UWS

About the DHRG @ UWS

Digital Humanities is a dynamic, rapidly growing field worldwide, connecting researchers and practitioners in the humanities and social sciences with computer scientists and information technology experts to address complex research challenges in new ways. In the past decade there has been considerable activity at UWS across a number of Schools and Institutes, and in 2012 the University approved the formal establishment of the Digital Humanities Research Group (DHRG). The Group is based in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts, with strong links to other UWS Schools and Institutes including the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics, the School of Social Sciences and Psychology, the School of Education, the Institute for Culture and Society, and the MARCS Institute.

The Digital Humanities Research Group is led by Australia’s first Professor of Digital Humanities, Paul Arthur. UWS also has the first Senior Lecturer and first Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Digital Humanities in Australia. Although a relatively new initiative, Digital Humanities at UWS is already being regarded as a leading program of its kind in the Asia Pacific region. With a membership of approximately 50, the Group has one of the largest concentrations of researchers in this broad interdisciplinary digital research field. DHRG members work collaboratively to address complex research challenges drawing on a very wide range of digital technologies and techniques. The Group acts as an advanced research network and a community for those using digital technology in their research, practice and teaching across all disciplines at UWS, and it connects with internationally regarded researchers and institutions beyond the University.

The University of Western Sydney is proud to be hosting the annual international Digital Humanities conference 29 June – 3 July 2015 – the first time this major conference has moved outside of Europe and North America in its 26-year history.

DHRG welcomes new members including those aligned with other UWS Schools, Institutes, Centres and Groups. The Group provides a framework for collaboration across organisational units, supporting the University’s Strategic Plan. A key function is to foster and support the interdisciplinary collaboration that is central to digital humanities research. Our research program is guided by the following core principles:

  • Academic excellence;
  • Intellectual reach and depth;
  • Interdisciplinary, inter-institutional, and international collaboration;
  • Local, national and global engagement;
  • High ethical standards; and
  • Alignment with UWS Mission and Goals.

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